Introducing EZview 2.0.0 New Interface

Introducing EZview 2.0.0 New Interface

New Interface

  • Software interface revision
  • Gestures slide to show the menu bar
  • Stream switch displays in live interface
  • Camera list for device search
  • Live camera list shows thumbnails
  • Playback interface has stream switching
  • Playback speed button has scale panel
  • Playback gesture zoom timeline
  • Device Add interface jumps to cloud
  • The image sorting is displayed in the image management interface

Rich functional design

  • Support multi-channel playback
  • Support a full cross screen
  • Support automatic search to add NVR (only for PoE kit)

User-friendly Experience

  • Live playback jumps to each other
  • Remind user to add devices when live interface detects no devices
  • Turn on flashlight based on brightness when scan QR code to add device
  • Camera list check status will have "semi-check" and "check"
  • Click "Start Live" jumps to live decoding on device list
  • New user guide video
  • User feedback

New Start InterfaceConcise Page DesignComfortable Visual Experience

The interface uses a highlighted camera combined with a complex of buildings,shows EZView function of manage devices and images.

Android start interface,select languages according to system language. iOS start interface, system language changes, the startup page to be consistent.

New Interface——Gestures Slide to Show The Menu Bar

Support gesture sliding to display menu bar. In addition to click menu bar button, you can also slide the finger to the right to display the menu bar. At the same time, the corresponding menu bar of the current function interface is highlighted Making this operation more humanized, meet user's operating habits.

Enter the live interface by default Right slide shows the menu bar

New Interface——Live page displays image quality by default

Live interface displays image quality by default. You do not need to select a icon on the function bar to view and modify the image quality. Simplify useroperations.

The previous "Clear, Balanced, and Smooth" has been replaced by "HD, SD, Smooth“. Easier to understand.

New Interface——Camera Search/Display Channel Thumbnails

Device search is available in the camera list section. It is convenient for users to quickly find the device they need in the list, which is similar to many other functions that the user is used to.

Channel thumbnails can be displayed in the camera list. The picture shows a image of the screen before the last shutdown. User-friendly through the observation channel to shoot a specific screen, select the desired camera.

New Interface

  • Playback interface has two stream to switch with
  • Playback speed button has a scale panel
  • Playback gesture zoom timeline

New Interface——Device Add interface jumps to cloud
Device Add drop-down list has changed to device add interface, and the text has been replaced by icons, to simplify the way to add devices.
At the same time, when the user is not logged in to their EZCloud account,“Log In" is easy for users to jump directly to the cloud login interface; when the user is logged in, the device login interface can jump to the cloud account management interface for the user to view their cloud devices, and manage the cloud account if necessary.

New Interface——Image Sorting Display By Default
The image sorting method ("Time", "Image", "Video") is displayed by default in Image Management Interface, more intuitively embodies the image classification function, the operation more natural, in line with the user operating habits.

Rich Functional Design——Multi-channel Playback
Supports multi-channel playback function. Users can view the playback video of multiple devices in one interface and supports up to 4 channels playback. You can also double-click to convert to a single panel operation, double-click again to return to the multi-panel. Allows the user to view multiple devices at the same playback time, to make it easier for the user to compare similar video playback.

Rich Functional Design——Portrait/Landscape Mode
Supports portrait/landscape mode, iPad/tablet operation worry-free. Compared to the original version where only the live view and playback could be able to operate to portrait/landscape mode. The new function makes iPad/tablet and mobile phone easier for the user to use and operate.

Rich Functional Design——Automatic Search to Add NVR (PoE kit)
When In WiFi mode, EZView will automatically searches for a new NVR devices that are not added and are not bound to a cloud account at start-up or when switching from the background to the foreground, it prompting the user to add device. Users can add new NVRs to EZView to do configuration and simplified user access to the device.
Select "do not show me the message again" to close auto discover
User can close "auto discover new device” Add discovered device Select add to cloud/local

Rich Functional Design——Automatic Search to Add NVR (PoE kit)
EZView automatically detects new NVRs when in WiFi mode, this allows users the option to add to cloud or local and configure DST.
Logged-in user skips this step
Choose add to cloud or local Enter device account Configure DST

User-friendly Operation——Live View and Playback Switch
Live View and Playback can jump from one to the each other.
Live View interface:Click on “see playback” icon to jump to the selected camera’s Playback interface. Playback time is 30 minutes before the current live time. Playback interface:Click on “see live” to jump to the selected camera of the Live View interface.
Simplify operations for users to manage Live View/Playback.

User-friendly Operation——Smart Tips
Live View interface, will detect that the user did not add the device,so it will prompt the user to add the device. When adding devices by scan code, if needed reminder to “Tap to turn on(turn on the flashlight)” according to the environment light.

User-friendly Operation——Status of Camera List Check
Camera List checks the device to see if it is in semi-check state or all-check state, the user can choose whether to add offline device for live view。Click the check button for the first time, only select the online channel, all channels are online, will be displayed as . If some of the channels are online, it will be displayed as . Click the check button for the second time, select all channels (online channels + offline channels), displayed as
Select the Select All button for the first time (the status is half-election), only select the online channels. Select the Select All button for the second time (the status is all-election) , select Online + Offline channels.

User-friendly Operation——Device List Jumps to Live View
In the device list, click “Start Live View” for the current selected device to enter the Live View interface.

User-friendly Operation——New User Tutorial
When a new user enters Live View interface, “Tutorial” will pop up, or after entering EZView, you can play the tutorial by selecting “Help -> About -> Tutorial" to familiarize users with basic software functions.