Ultra 265

Ultra 265

More than a compression technology, it is a solution that can saves up to 75% of cost.

What is Ultra 265?
The most advanced video compression technology in video surveillance The deep video compression of Uniview to reduce the bitrate based on H.265
H.265 + U-Code Technology = Ultra 265
  • Control bitrate depending on the video content
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Deep video Compression ->
  • Seprate moving target and static background with different codec
  • Dynamic GOP
  • Keep the image quality good
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Ultra is part of U-code. U-code uses "IRP" (Intelligent Region Perception) to detect motion in each frame. This function could catch different senses and events that happen, but it will not catch areas such as no moment or event happening on lawns, white wall, and etc. so that it can save storage and allows you to have more recordings. What U-Code does to reduce the bandwidth is that it stretches GOP (Group of Pictures) and it uses V.I to make sure that the media is clear for the most important information to be caught so that it is easier and smoother when you do a Frame Accurate Search or a Quick Playback. This feature is called EF tech also known as "Enhanced Frame".

By combining U-Code and H.265 together we get Ultra 265.

U-Code Compression
U-code is an enhanced enchoding technology of Uniview, can save bandwidth and storage up to 80% or 95% campared with standard H.264/H.265

Basic Mode Up to 25% - 80% bandwidth reduction Support 3rd party VMS
Advance Mode Up to 50% - 95% bandwidth reduction Advance mode only works with Uniview, IPC, NVR

H.264 Ultra 265

How many 2MP cameras can be carried by 20Mb broadband network?


Basic Mode: Up to 25%-80% bandwidth reduction

Advance Mode: Up to 80%-90% bandwidth reduction


How many hard drives are needed to store 4-ch 2MP IP camera for 3 months?
4TB X 4

4TB X 1

80%-95% Reduction in Storage

How long can one 4TB hard drive to store 1-ch 2MP IP Camera?
3 Months

1 Year

80%-95% Reduction in Storage

Calculation Conditions:

Resolution H.264 H.265 Basic Ultra 265 *Advance Ultra 265
2MP 4Mbps 2Mbps 1.5Mpbs 1Mbps
4K 8Mbps 4Mbps 3Mbps 2MBPS

U-Code Image-Fidelity
4Mbps bitrate down to 1Mbps or lower with movement, while keeping the same resolution and framrate
More compression in static image at the same resolution and framerate