How to set up Hik-Connect P2P

This is a quick setup guide to setting up the Hik-Connect P2P service on your IVMS DVR.

At this time, Hik-Connect can be downloaded directly from Hikvision for Android devices, or directly from Apple's App Store for iOS devices.

Click here to download Hik-Connect App for end users on an Apple/iOS device

Click here to download Hik-Connect App for end users on a Google/Android device
Click here for download and installation instructions for a Google/Android device


Step 1 - Register for an account on Hik-Connect

STEP 1A - When you first start the app, agree to the terms of service and select your region.

STEP 1B - Select USA as your region and then confirm by tapping the check on the top right

STEP 1C - Afterwards, select Log In/Sign Up

STEP 1D - Select Register

STEP 1E - Select USA as your region, and then confirm 

STEP 1F - Enter your email address, and your preferred password.  Afterwards, select "Get Security Code".  

STEP 1G - Check your email for the security code and enter it in.  Afterwards, select "Finish."  Your account should be successfully registered and your app should be signed into your account at this point.

Step 2 - Enable Hik-Connect on your recorder

STEP 2A - From your recorder menu, go to menu -> Network -> Advanced -> Platform Access.  On this page, there will be an "Status" message.  If the status is "Offline", you must default your device, and then return to this setting page.

To default your device, go to menu -> Maintenance -> Default -> Factory Default

Afterwards, you must check the box for Enable.

STEP 2B -  Fill in a Verification Code.  This verification code can be anything.  If you do not know what to fill out, fill in 12345abcD

Agree to the terms by checking the box, and then Select OK on the bottom

STEP 2C - At this point, your screen should look similar to the image below, and have a QR code on the bottom left.  The Status should also be Online, with Guarding Vision or HikConnect being unlinked. 

If the status message is Offline, your must default the recorder, and repeat everything from step 2A.

Step 3 - Register your recorder to your Hik-Connect account

On your phone app, select (+) on the top right and select "Scan QR Code".  Scan the QR code from step 2C.

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