How to configure Face Recognition


Uniview's Facial Recogition / Monitoring feature can only be used with a Smart Bar and EPB recorder
Download both firmware for your recorder and latest recognition firmware for your smart bar here :
Upgrade your NVR and your smart bar through your NVR's maintenance interface

Step 1 - Enable monitoring on your recorder

To enable monitoring, go to Smart -> Monitoring -> Add Monitoring Task on your browser

Step 2 - Select a camera to monitor

While adding a monioting task, enable, adjust the sensitivity to your needs, and save

Step 3 - Enable recogniton on your camera

3a - Go to Setup -> VCA -> Face Detection
3b - Select your camera, and enable both Face Recognition and Face Shot
3c - Change your Recognition Mode to NVR Recognition
3d - Select either Full Screen as a detection area, or specify your own area right below it
3e - Adjust your sensitivity and save

Step 4 - Setting up the faces to recognize

Perform these steps after giving your recorder time to accumulate faces to its' database

Step 5 - How to search for a matching face

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