RTSP addresses for Uniview

Uniview's RTSP URL format is as follows :

NVR: rtsp:// [USER] : [PASS] @ [ADDRESS] : [RTSP PORT] /unicast/c [CH] /s[STREAM TYPE]/live
IPC: rtsp:// [USER] : [PASS] @ [ADDRESS] : [RTSP PORT] /media/video[STREAM TYPE]

Fill in your information as follows:

[USER] – This is the username to access your device
[PASS] – This is the password to the user
[ADDRESS] – This can be the IP address or the domain / DDNS name of your device
[RTSP PORT] – This is the RTSP port of your device, the default is normally 554 or 9090
[CH] – This refers to the channel number that you want to pull
[STREAM TYPE] – 0 for main stream, 1 for substream

You can also use our tool below to generate your RTSP URLs for you


  • Hi Sir. I am trying to capture screen via vlc and want to show it on uniview nvr. When i go to camera in nvr , i choose custome protocol and define the udp port 8554 (same in vlc). But it does not work. Also in custome protocol is ask for path and it asks only for ip and port. Uniview does not ask for stream path name. What wrong i am doing. Plz help. Thanks

  • Thank you! I was able to add my uniview camera to iSpy

  • The Generate RTSP addresses utility is very helpful. Thanks!!

    Kevin Feliksa

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